Buying Australian grown versus imported

Published: Sunday 26 July 2020

Imported v Australian
Why you should care

Would you spray Roundup on weeds in your garden, then touch those plants?
Would you spray weed killer on your kids 5th birthday cake? Well if you use imported flowers on top of cakes, that's what you are doing when you buy/use imported flowers, even just touching them you will get the chemical residue in your bloodstream.

As you know we live on an island, and Australian quarantine laws are very strict.

Imports of fresh plant material such as leaves, flowers and stems have the potential to introduce weeds, pests and diseases into Australia. These can pose a threat to Australia’s horticultural and agricultural industries, harm the natural environment and damage Australia’s reputation as an exporter.

Flowers are fumigated with Methyl bromide is highly toxic. Studies in humans indicate that the lung may be severely injured by the acute (short-term) inhalation of methyl bromide. Acute and chronic (long-term) inhalation of methyl bromide can lead to neurological effects in humans. Neurological effects have also been reported in animals.


Yeah ok I get it, you want it!
I get told often by other florists if a customer wants it you should deliver it, regardless of the impact that you may have on your health or on the environment.

Perhaps you are unaware how much chemicals are sprayed on the imported flowers because another florist has let you have peonies in March because you have to have them for your event.

One florist said "The power of social media has not only changed the mentality of the florist but most definitely the consumer,"

"Clients are saying, 'I want this flower' and we look at it and go, 'Oh yeah peonies, they're only in season in Australia from November to December'. But we can import them for four months of the year

So instead of educating customers, florists and floral agents have been importing the flowers.

So you should check and ask your florist are they local and are they in season?


Samples of imported flowers,
Unnatural coloured blooms are generally imported, most of the supermarket flowers are imported. Alot of the dried/preserved flowers in fashion now are also imported.